All Saints, Golborne, Confirmation Group

On Saturday 7th November, we worked with 10 fantastic young people at All Saints Church, Golborne, in preparation for their imminent Confirmations. We looked at each gift of the Holy Spirit that they are going to be receiving; wisdom, knowledge, wonder and awe, right judgement, courage, reverence and understanding, and how it was relevant for them in their lives.

At the beginning of our time working with them we started to get to know each other a bit better by playing human bingo.

For each confirmation gift we gave them a challenge; for knowledge we played a fast paced game of our own Family Fortunes, splitting the room in half, to show that they needed knowledge to do well and win the game. To get better understanding of wonder and awe we provided the young people with newspaper and other resources to build their own imaginative wonder of the world; 2 groups built Christ the Redeemer whilst the third group built the Eiffel Tower. For courage we gave them our own bush tucker trial inspired challenge, where they had to close their eyes and pick a curry covered or plain Pringle and have the courage to eat it even if there were consequences.

The last part of the day was devoted to reverence, where we led the young people through a meditation about how they might use their gifts that the Holy Spirit will give them, and gave them some time to reflect on the hours we’d spent with them. We hope that we gave them a better understanding of confirmation, aided them in their spiritual journey and that they enjoyed it as much as we did working with them.