Bellerive FCJ, Liverpool, Year 9

Over the space of two days at Lowe house, we worked with 150 students in total… The days were most enjoyable and the team enjoyed leading the day for the young people.  The day consisted of looking at the 5 principles of Bellerive, these principles were based upon the life lived by Mary Madeline who is the founder of the school. Throughout the day students participated in workshops which identified:

Justice – Social Justice within the world and how they could live a fair and responsible life.

Companionship – Their fellowship and friendship towards others within school and their local community.

Hope – The young people’s expectations and dreams for the future and how they could succeed and live out these hopes.

Dignity – Respect for others in the world, whether this be in school or within the local community.

Gentleness – An understanding on how we approach different situations, we looked at how we view ourselves and others around us.

The overall theme for the day was excellence, the quality of wanting to be good and valuing others around us. This tied in nicely to the school’s badge which translated from Latin reads’ Strong in deed, Gentle in Manner’. In other words the day consisted of looking at how they can do the best in any given situation, whilst using their positive attributes given by God to care for the needs of themselves and others in the world.