Chester Catholic High School

At the end of April we took a trip to work with Chester Catholic High School. We spent two days working with both the year 8’s and 9’s.

We were thinking about the idea of ‘followers’, that we are all followers of Jesus. 

We broke the day into several parts, the first thinking about the fact we have to make many choices in our lives, and one of them is the choice to follow.

Choosing to follow makes us all a part of the Body of Christ. Meaning we are all connected and therefore are better off for it.

Finally we finished by thinking about how being a part of the Body of Christ gives us the chance to live our lives to the full, that being a follower should be making our lives the best they can be.

We explored these parts of the theme through game shows, film clips and stories of our own decisions to follow, and we had the chance to work in the classrooms with the young people and really get to grips with the theme through some more thought based activities.

All in all we had a fantastic day with each of the years, and hope to see them again soon!