Day Retreats

Over the next few pages you will find the schools that the team has worked with at Lowe House for what we call a Day Retreat.

We have the Life and Soul Cafe here at Lowe House where we work with young people on any number of themes.

As a team, we will plan and prepare the Day Retreat on a theme provided by the school.

A typical Day Retreat will begin with a few games and icebreakers for the young people to get to know each other and the members of the Animate team they are working with.

These feed into an explanation on the theme of the Day Retreat and how it will be explored throughout the day.

The main part of the day includes a variety of activities from watching film clips, making and creating items using arts and crafts, creating drama sketches, interactive quizzes, and activities that encourage the young people to work together and appreciate the gifts of the other members of their groups.

The day is always concluded with a time of prayer appropriate to the age of the group. 

In our Life and Soul Cafe, we can work with up to 40 young people comfortably in the space.

However if your group is larger than 40 young people, we have access to the Parish Hall belonging to St. Mary's, Lowe House, which can hold up to 60 young people at a time.

If you would like to know more about how a Day Retreat works, or are interested in booking one for your school, please contact Fr. Simon at or on 01744 740 460.