Faith in Action Day Retreats

As many of you know, a lot of the work of Animate is based on a Day Retreat format. This is a small group of young people coming to Lowe House for a day to work on a specific theme.

If it will help any school or parish we would be willing to work with a group of your Faith in Action young people for a day and combine all the Reflection Points into one day and have the day run by the Animate Team.

Sadly, we would have to charge to run a full Day Retreat (prices available on request). By the nature of the award these days could only take place when most of the work has already been done so we would be looking to take any such bookings only for a post-Easter date. 

Faith in Action Primary Day Retreats

We have been blessed to work with quite a lot of our Diocesan primary schools over the last few years as we have started to work with year 6 pupils. We have offered five specific themes for these days for any school to choose from. In this year we will also add a Faith in Action themed day to the list you can choose from. This will allow any school to bring their pupils here for a day and have all the Reflection Points covered in a single session (or the day can be a re-emphasis of work you have already done through the year?). 

If you would like to book a Faith in Action Retreat Day, please contact Sarah by email or by calling 01744 740 460.