Meet the Team! - Tom

My name is: Tom

My role on the team is: Team Co-Ordinator 

My birthday is: 20th April

I am from: Southport

My favourite piece of scripture is: Exodus 14:14

My favourite film/TV show is: The Transformers series

My favourite song/band/genre of music is: Very easy going towards music, but prefer a chilled out style

My least favourite food is: Mainly vegetables

When I have time to myself, I like to: I like to keep busy and try not to have time to myself, I try to see my friends and family as often as possible

An interesting fact about me: I am a soldier in the Salvation Army

It's Friday night and no-one can be bothered to cook so you decide to get a take away. Your choices are Pizza, Chinese or Indian. Which do you choose and what would you order?: Indian - Lamb Capsilla

I joined the Animate team because: I enjoy working with young people and sharing the Gospel.