More Information


I have been in contact with the Knights of St Columba (who have sponsored the award so far) about the prospect of getting badges for any young person who has completed an award. At the moment the only plan is to award them a certificate. I think badges is a great idea and will help publicise the award. However, there are some cost implications to this and I think the idea will work better if done on a national level rather than us as a Diocese simply doing our own. So far I have had no response but I am hopeful that by the time we are distributing awards we will have badges as well.

Group Chat/Discussion Board

It was suggested that we have a group chat or discussion board for people to share good practice. Again, I think this is a good idea and I am looking into the best way of doing this. Drop Box seems the easiest but I think the storage limits may not be helpful. I think something like an open discussion board would work best in which people can post links to their own resources. If anyone has any knowledge on this subject or has any ideas then please feel free to contact me.

FIA invitations

It was suggested that we have a competition for a poster to advertise FIA in schools for future years. Although I do like the idea of this I also think there is something to be said for having a central poster as well. So there will be posters made on a Diocesan/National level for the award. However, please feel free to have a more local competition for posters to be used in your own school/parish to advertise the award. Similarly please feel free to use young people to give testimonies to advertise the award. All of this would be counted in the hours for the awards.

If you would like any more information about the scheme please contact me, Fr Simon Gore.

Tel: 01744 740467