Never been before?

Is this your first time joining us on the Archdiocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes?

Are you wondering what the work entails?

Read on below to find out more about the different roles involved as a "Yellow Shirt" 

Title: Lourdes Youth Coach Member (over 18 Yellow Shirt)


As an over 18 you will be expected to perform some slightly different roles than an under 18 helper. These include:

• Taking pilgrims to and from mass and the grotto. Sometimes you may be asked to guide under 18's, with pilgrims, to the destinations.

• Helping out at the St. Frai (basically a hospital) by assisting the St. Frai team with cleaning surfaces, serving teas and coffees, taking pilgrims to meal times. Don't worry you're just assisting and will never be asked to do anything which makes you feel uncomfortable! 

• Taking out pilgrims out shopping or for a drink when they have some free time. 

Skills and competencies:

• Good listener and talker- these should go hand in hand! Not only listen to the pilgrim but also talk about yourself as they'd love to get to know you more.

• Cheerful- being happy yourself helps to make others happy. 

• Obedient- for an operation as big as the Liverpool pilgrimage, it is important to listen to coach leaders so the process is a smooth one. That way there is no hassle and everyone is happy.

• Respectful- although you don't have to have a strong faith, you can always find that whilst you're in Lourdes, you have to have the ability to recognise when to be quite and mindful e.g. during mass or prayer time at the grotto. 


The salary can vary depending upon the person:

• (In the long run) possible beatification.

• Self satisfaction 

• At the very least, a great week making new friends, having themed nights out at bars with other coaches, and enjoying yourself!