Our Lady Queen of Peace, Skelmersdale

It was a pleasure to work another mission with Our Lady’s Queen of Peace.

This year the school had decided to focus on the theme of ‘Faith in Action: Living out the Gospel Message’.

This theme allowed us to reflect more on how we can place our faith in action in the world and live out the essential Gospel message.  

We used the corporal acts of mercy that were so prominent in the year of mercy to show that even though the year of mercy is over we are still called to act mercifully in the world and with those we meet on our day to day journey, recognising that when we act mercifully we are putting our faith into action.

We thought about how the choices and actions we make can determine how we perceive others in the world.

We challenged the young people to think about the parable of the Good Samaritan. How the least expected person helped the man in need and that we are called to act in the same way: not just thinking about our friends or family, but the wider members in our school, church community and lives.

Living out these acts of kindness can strengthen others and help us to grow in a greater understanding about our own faith and the challenge that God has proposed to us in our own lives.