Parish Work

As well as working with Schools, we are keen to work with the Parishes across the Archdiocese.

In the past we have ran many Confirmation Retreat Days which have always been successful.
We have also had the pleasure of working with the young people of St. Philomena's parish who are altar servers looking at the theme of service.

We also offer Parish Missions, which we began in 2012. This is an exciting opportunity for the team to work with more young people in parishes and pastoral areas, and encourage them along in their faith journey.

Another way in which we can work with a parish is by supporting any Youth Masses they host. This Mass would be led by the young people of the area; with them exercising their ministry of reader, minister of Holy Communion, music etc. 
With this, Animate could support by helping with the organisation of the Mass and by publicising the Youth Mass in local schools and across the Diocese.

We have also continued in providing support for our catechists with our Catechist evenings, as well as providing training for young people to become Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.

If you would be interested in having the team work with young people in your parish, please contact Fr. Simon on or on 01744 740 460.