Reconciliation Services

During this time of Lent we have offered to all the schools in the Archdiocese an opportunity to take part in a reconciliation service led by the Animate Team.

We worked with a number of schools this year, spending an hour’s session with different year groups.

The session was given in two stages, the first was outlining what reconciliation is, what does it mean to be reconciled to the Father? But secondly, how does reconciliation and Lent intertwine with one another.

The second stage of this session was then to allow the young people to take part in the sacrament of confession, this was an optional choice but the response was very good.

Whilst this sacrament was taking place the team challenged the young people to think about themselves, the mistakes which perhaps need forgiving.

Examination of conscience, videos and testimonies challenged the young people to create a greater understanding on the theme of Lent, but overall to become more aware of the mercy and love that God has for each and every one of us.