St. Bernadette's, Shevington, Year 5

I had the opportunity to work with St Bernadette’s Primary School from Shevington, near my hometown of Wigan which I was very chuffed about! We had the chance to explore the theme of ‘Let your light shine’. We started off our day looking at scripture from Matthew’s Gospel where Jesus asks us not to hide all the gifts and talents which God has given us. To help us develop this idea we took part in many different activities such as having our very own ‘mini Olympics’ which everyone seemed to enjoy including some of the staff! 

Towards the final part of our day together we looked at what it means to ‘affirm’ somebody and how that can be a positive impact in encouraging others to do the things that they are good at. In addition we also had the chance to think about ourselves and what gifts and talents we have and thanking God for all that he has given us.

All in all it was a really enjoyable day for the team and we hope that everyone from St Bernadette’s enjoyed it too!