St. Bernadette, Shevington, Mission Day

On Saturday 21st November, 3 of the team had the pleasure of working with 18 young people from the Parish of St Bernadette’s in Shevington. We based a day on “Jesus King of Hearts”, looking at different aspects of Jesus influencing us in situations and ruling our hearts for good. We were invited as part of the Golden Jubilee for the church, with that weekend being the final mass to end their celebrations.

To start the session off we got to know each other through some energetic icebreakers. We learnt each other’s names, some likes and dislikes, and got up and running about with a game of hot potato. Before break we then played Animate’s own version of Total Wipeout, where the young people had to work in teams as part of a relay, to complete small challenges.

The main part of the day was using Gospel according to: The Apprentice, Simon Cowell, Social Media and the Hunger Games. We all know about the real Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, but in modern day society we can all be influenced by other things in our lives. Each of our Gospels focused on a different part of modern day life and how we can let Jesus rule our hearts and influence us in situations.

For example many of us will put a façade or persona on for social media, so we may be more than happy to post about going to the cinema to see a friend, but not many of us would feel comfortable posting that we were going to church or on a retreat. Jesus tells us that we should spread his Good News, therefore we are asked to perhaps post if we’re going on a retreat or to mass; to let our friends know about our faith is just as important as other parts of our lives.

At the end of the day we had prayer stations set out for the young people to reflect on all they had done and learnt that day, and how they were going to use that in their lives. After our day retreat finished we celebrated mass together, where the young people read the readings, participated in the offertory and sang. They were incredible young people and we look forward to working with them in the future. We would also like to say a massive thank you to the Parish for inviting us and making us feel so welcome the whole day.