St. Edmund Arrowsmith, Whiston, Year 9

During Lent, we were visited by year 9’s from St. Edmund Arrowsmith for retreat days focusing on the season of Lent.

Throughout the day we focused on the three pillars of Lent – fasting, almsgiving and prayer – and thought about how we can do small acts of kindness for those around us.

For part of the day, we looked at Matthew’s Gospel and thought about how we can give to those in need: in school, the local community and around the world.

The day ended with a chance for the young people to experience different types of prayer. Part of this gave the young people a chance to focus on the current Refugee crisis where they had a chance to write a letter to a refugee which will be sent to them via the CAFOD programme.

Overall, it has been a great week and we hope that the young people and staff will continue to have a blessed Lent.