Here you will find feedback from various schools that we have worked with, and their experiences of working with the Animate Youth Team.

All Saint's Primay School, Liverpool

I am writing to thank you and the team for the wonderful day our Year 6 had last Tuesday. Never have I heard so many Y6s express so positively an activity they were a part of. I asked some of the children to give me a score out of 10 and they all said 10/10!


I know it has touched them on a deeper  level than they are actually aware of!


St. Oswald's Primary School, Longton

Just to say a big thank you to the team who led the Y5 retreat last Tuesday. It was a great day and the feedback from the class has been overwhelming in how much it made them all think about how much they need to think of others before themselves, so I think a great job was done by your team to get that response!

Bellerive FCJ Catholic College, Liverpool

Hi I’m one of the year 9 pupils from Bellerive FCJ. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the week you spent at our school and how much it has inspired me and my friends. I have always wanted to work with children/young adults (like myself) but faith is something I never really thought about until your team came to the school. I am hoping to work in a very similar environment in the near future. To be honest I never realised how important my faith was to me and all that I do. Thank you so much for the experience that Mission Week brought, thank you for everything you did this week. I hope that you will return to our school soon.  

Notre Dame, Liverpool

Hi thanks for a lovely week in our school and I loved working with you guys.

Thanks for everything you all done in Notre Dame & for all of the fun I had in church. My friends and I hope to see you all again soon.

Cardinal Newman, Warrington

Hi guys. Thanks for today at Cardinal Newman it was a really fun day that taught us a lot and was very meaningful. Enjoyed it a lot and interested in what you do.

St. John Fisher, Wigan

Thank you for an amazing mission week at St John Fisher and we hope to see you at our school soon, all the workshops were great and the team were amazing. May God be with you all ways And may you hold fast to that which is good.

This past week has be life changing for me thank you, you've all finally made me believe in myself and a special thanks goes out to Sean for making me have the confidence to go for my grade one flute. Thank you so much now I really know what I want to do with my life and also tonight, this morning and Monday has made me believe that I haven't lost my faith which I thought I did. Hopefully one day I can do what you lot do and be on the animate team and once again thank you.

St. Augustine's St. Helens

Hello animate I am a year seven pupil from St Augustines of Canterbury who you came to visit on the third of November and I would just like to say that I thought "on a mission from God " really helped me out with thinking of who I am going to be later on in life so for that thank you.

St. Alban's, Pontypool

I'm from St Albans thank you for your talk on Monday. It really made me listen because a couple of years ago I lost my grandad and uncle. This all happened in the same week. I felt like I could talk to no one not even my friends but you made me realise I still have my faith and I still have God and He would always be listning to me no matter what it was about. Thank you.

Thanks for the best week in St Albans yet it was awesome I still got the song yes lord in my head!!!

Thanks for coming to St Albans I think me and my friend's all had a brilliant week whilst you were there so thank you.

Hi guys. Just wanted to say thanks so much for an awesome end to my half term. Had a load of fun. Thanks for the brilliant mass and also thanks for speaking to us about faith.

Hello I'm Paige from St.Albans year 9. I would like to thank you for such a fun week, it opened my eyes to my faith I am not scared to say that I feel very strong about church anymore, so thank you.

St. Teresa's, Upholland

Below are a few words from Fr. Tony Slingo, previous Parish Priest, and his thoughts on the work of Animate.

"To have the opportunity as a parish to offer young people the "retreat" feel of a time specially for them, to enjoy and reflect on their relationships with Christ and each other in the faith, was a treat.

We are just evolving a continuous ministry plan so it was a blessing as part of that.

The content was so well adapted to our/their needs, and the preparation time leading to the normal parish mass at 6pm at the end of that Saturday ensured the whole congregatin were delighted, and I know it meant the world to the youth involved.

As a model I find it first rate...local, specific, respectful of the parish life and integrating the young within it...and sure to be a winner for parishes or a pastoral area in the future."

Below are a few comments from the young people who have attended the yearly Eucharistic Ministers Training Course.

Charlotte Brown: I have really enjoyed this experience and it has helped me progress in my religious journey. I have had the opportunity to share my beliefs with other young Eucharistic Ministers. The Animate team have boosted my confidence and steered me to the right path in life.

Rachel Corrin: This weekend has been AMAZING! I have learnt so much more about my faith than I did before. The Animate team have taught me in a fun and entertaining way which I loved! On my journey, I have become a Eucharistic Minister and all round better person.