Want to be part of the Team?

Thinking of taking a gap year? Why not consider a year on the Animate team?


Here at Animate, we have both a Leadership team and a Gap Year team, who work alongside each other for an academic year delivering School and Parish Day Retreats and Mission Days, as well as our School Mission Weeks. 

The majority of our work is with High School pupils up to University, with the age range of 11 - 25, but we do get the occasional Primary School or Parish Group that would be interested in us working with them - which makes a nice change!

The work, over the course of a year, can be varied. Some years can have few School Mission Weeks, with lots of in house Day Retreats, or a 50/50 split between the two. 

Not only does the Team work together, we also live together as a community at Lowe House in St. Helens. 

As a Christian community, we begin and end each day with prayer in our very own chapel (which is quite nice, even if we do say so ourselves!) as well as the other communal treats such as cooking for up to 9 other people! 

We also manage to find time to socialise together, either heading out to local places such as Manchester, Blackpool and Liverpool, or just going out for a meal instead of cooking and cleaning ourselves!

As for that all important question - How much do you get paid? Well, those on the Gap Year team receive a weekly allowance of £65 to support them throughout the year.

If you want time to think about the future and what choices you can make before or after university, then give us a call.

Contact Fr Simon Gore by calling 01744 740 460 or by email.

You can take a look at the Role Description here.

You can download the Application Form here.

The team this year is made up of 3 leaders and 4 gap year team members, led by Fr. Simon Gore, Director of Animate Youth Ministries, as well as our lovely administrator Jan.