Widnes Reconciliation

Throughout June, young people from Widnes in Year 9 have been taking part in preparation sessions for their upcoming Confirmations.  As part of this process the team was asked to help lead a service of reconciliation for pupils from Saints Peter and Paul Catholic College before they take this next sacramental step on their faith journeys.

Taking place in St Bede’s Church, around 40 young people took part in the service, watching a drama based on the Prodigal Son, reflecting on the times in their lives that they have turned away from their heavenly father, as well as how He is always waiting and willing to open His arms when they return to Him.

In order to reflect and pray before going forward to receive the sacrament of reconciliation, the young people were invited to walk around the church and spend time at different prayer stations, giving them the opportunity to think about themselves, their friends and families, the communities they belong to, and the wider World that we share with one another.

The prayerful atmosphere that was created by the young people seemed to calm the nerves and apprehension that is normally held surrounding confession and it was lovely to see all those present take up the opportunity to bring themselves closer to God through this wonderful sacrament.

It was a pleasure to work with the young people and it has been such a blessing to help walk beside and support them as they prepare for their Confirmation. We wish them the best of luck on their journey and will continue to pray for them in the future.