Youth Alive

The next Youth Alive will take place on 3rd December 2017 at St. Francis Xavier, Salisbury Street, Liverpool, L3 8DR at 6:30pm

Youth Alive began over 10 years ago as a youth mass, planned by and for young people, which has taken place in various churches around the Archdiocese of Liverpool.

Currently, there are four Youth Alive masses thoughout the year. These happen on Palm Sunday (International World Youth Day), one Sunday in Advent, the Lourdes Departure mass in July and the Lourdes Reunion mass in September.

It is a great chance for young people to get involved with the Church celebration as well as having the chance to socialise, meet new people and reunite with old friends from Lourdes, World Youth Day or other past retreats.

To get involved with the celebration, young people have the chance to read, be part of the offertory procession and also sing their praises to God with the music group. 

Hymns are chosen each month which are both lively and reflective, and often involve actions to get everyone joining in. 

The Gospels are also often dramatised bringing them to life and helping young people to understand the word of God more clearly.

Youth Alive is a great place for those who want to share their faith with other like- minded young people.

It is a time for praising and reflecting on our own relationship with God and a place to talk to other people about your faith whilst learning new things about God and the world.

‘I started to go along to the Youth Alive celebrations around 4 years ago and was introduced to them once I had applied to go on the pilgrimage to Lourdes. At first I didn’t really know anyone else who went but soon made some really good friends. It’s great

 to be able to meet people who are happy to show their faith which is sometimes difficult in school or at home. I now sing with the music group and love getting involved with mass, so much so that I’m now on the Animate team! If you are 15+ I would really recommend coming along to the next Youth Alive, it’s great fun and you never know what doors might be opened to you in the future.’ (Rosie, Wigan.)

‘Youth Alive is all about friendship – with God and with each other. It’s a great way of catching up with people from Lourdes and making new friends in the process. It’s great to see young people leading the prayers and being allowed to be themselves!’ (Dennis, Coach 7 leader, Sefton.)

If anyone would like to join our choir at Youth Alive - you are more than welcome! Please get in touch with the team via Facebook, Twitter, Email or call us on 01744740463.
That applies to any musicians too!